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Hello everyone,

I know we've been pretty quiet until now about what's exactly happening.
We post every now and then about the progress but let me explain what the real idea and reason is why we're giving our beloved L2:Max a reunion.

I was actually thinking about reuniting with you for a while now.
A old GM messaged me on Facebook and was telling me he knew some people who would love to reunite all old L2:Max players again.
Together we started making plans: prepared server and client files, started posting messages on social media about our progress.

L2:Max was originally created by Phantom, Scypther and Tillion in 2004 hosting a C1 server.
Later many new players joined when we moved to C4 and Interlude.
We had about 3000+ active players online and had lots of fun!

We decided to reunite old and new L2:Max players one more time to relive the glorious times during this coronacrisis.

What are we waiting for?
We want to give L2:Max a proper launch that's why we are setting everything up as good as possible.
Currently we are implementing a website, control panel and reward system before we can announce a launch date.

Why do we need a reward system?
By introducing a reward system we want to give you something back for helping L2:Max be great again!

Can I help?
Yes, by telling all old and new L2 players about L2:Max.
Link them to our Facebook, Twitter, Discord, website and forums.
We are also going to assemble a GM Team soon. Are you interested? Send me a PM on Discord!

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